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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Landingpages | WordPress SEO Plugin

Landingpages - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
With the WordPress plugin ‘Landing Pages’ you can add multiple pages to your WordPress website, completely automatic. The plugin uses [keywords] which lets you create a variety of pages on a very easy way. Because of the build-in interval function you can set the landing pages ready to go online and let the plugin post the page every hour, day, week or month. This way you won’t get any problems like “black-seo”.



  • Add multiple pages to your WordPress site in seconds, completely automatic;
  • Uses [keywords] which lets you create a variety of pages;
  • Built-in interval posts every hour, day, week or month;
  • Use [keywords] in links & images
  • Search engine optimization is whit this ‘plugin’ really easy;
  • Add landingpages in there own category;
  • Fully compatible with All-in-One-SEO pack & YOAST SEO;
  • Use/choose your own Permalink structure;
  • Multi-language.

smart SEO - Wordpress Plugin | WordPress SEO Plugin

smart SEO - Wordpress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Wordpress plugin)

The easiest way to optimize your wordpress website for search engines! Settings – Here you have:
  • Autocheck current post
  • Autocheck timing – in seconds
  • Title separator (default – )
  • Seo title position – in admin post listing
  • Show smartSeo score
  • On plugin deactivate – remove all current settings on plugin deactivate. Reset to default.

SEO rules and settings.
  • Keyword in title tag
    Keyword in Title tag – close to beginning
    Title tag 10 – 60 characters, no special characters
  • Keywords in description
    Less than 200 chars.
    Google no longer relies upon this tag, but frequently uses it.
  • Keywords in keywords
    Less than 10 words.
    Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body. If not, it will be penalized for irrelevance.
    NO single word should appear more than twice in the Meta tag as it is considered spam.
    Google purportedly no longer values this tag, but others do.
  • Keyword in alt text
    Should describe graphic – Do NOT fill with spam
  • Keyword density
    Individual keyword density 6% – (each keyword/total words)
  • Keywords in H1, H2, H3
  • Keywords in font style
    - In strong, bold, italic, strong.

Keyword Finder for Wordpress | WordPress SEO Plugin

Keyword finder

Whenever you write a post to your website, you allways have to find, relative keywords, but you also have to find keywords that users are using mostly. Normally if you do this process by manually this is takes like 5-10m for each post, with keyword finder you can do that in seconds.
  • Keyword finder brings you most relevant keywords
  • Keyword finder brings you keywords with most search valume
  • Easy to use, no configration needed.
  • Supports 189 Language

Find most accure, more relative keywords

Whenever you type a title on wordpress, Keyword Finder automaticly searchs most relevant, highest search volumed keywords and displays in seconds. With this keywords you can target more users for your website. You can add them as tags, or keywords.

Bring more traffic to your website

Keyword finder brings you most highest search volumed keywords, you dont have to worry about “am i picking correct keyword ?” All done by Keyword finder.

Multi Language Support

Keyword finder supports 189 lagnuage, including hard languages like thai, chinesee.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin | WordPress SEO Plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Have you ever seen …

that cool stuff that “pimps” search results on Google? This plugin helps you to generate this search results by using structured microdata. According to the schema.org website search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages. This plugin automatically pre-installs seven shortcodes that are ready-to-use. But it‘s also possible to create new shortcodes with your own microdata markup that you need for future purposes. This can be done very easy with the built-in Shortcode-Generator.


It works like this:

  1. Set up your own short code or just edit the pre-installed ones
  2. Define the HTML-Markup that you need for the microdata (note that no PHP programming skills are needed but PHP can be used if you want to do some special things)
  3. Save your settings and use the generated shortcode in your posts, pages or custom post types.

Supported snippets

  • Reviews and Ratings
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music

Wordpress SEO Post Optimizer | Wordpress SEO Plugin

Wordpress SEO Post Optimizer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
SEO Post Optimizer (Search Engine Optimization – Wordpress plugin) With this plugin you can easily optimize your posts and pages in wordpress for search engines. It checks important SEO criteria. Onpage SEO is very important as all experts agree. Especially after panda and penguin updates it is very important to optimize your page without over-optimizing!

The plugin checks important SEO criteria. Just imagine you have a text you want to publish and you are not sure if it is optimized for the search engines. Instead of using other tools, it is the easiest and fastest way for you to check your post or your page with this plugin. You only need to know your keyword(s) you want to rank for.

Monday, 20 May 2013

iPhone Game - Rocket Man | iOS Games

iPhone Game - Rocket Man  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This is the iOS version of the flash version <Rocket Man Flash Game>
This is my rendition of the very awesome Mega Jump . Use the mouse to move around. Collect gems and items to boost your speed, and watch out for obstacles and the constantly rising water! Have fun

Apartment Real Estate iPhone Full Applicatio xCode | iOS Full Applications


  • High Quality Professional Designs
  • Full Native xCode Project
  • Easy to Update and Customize
  • All iPhone Resolutions
  • ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) Implementation to Prevent Memory Leaks
  • Storyboard
  • Gallery View
  • List View
  • Map View
  • Local or Web-based Data Source
  • XML Data = Human Understandable
  • Sample XML Data Available
  • Detailed Video Tutorials on How to Update and Manage xCode Project
  • Icon Maker (PSD)
  • Splash Pagemaker (PSD)
  • Call Phone Trigger
  • 5 Tabs for Maximum Page Navigation
  • One Config File to Control Themes and Data Sources

Android Live Radio | Android Full Applications

Android Live Radio - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Android Live Radio – Native App

Are you an online streaming radio station owner? Do you want to build an Android App for your listener? Then this code is for you.
“Android Live Radio” is a native android live streaming app. It is a simple yet powerful solution for creating Android app for your online radio stream in no time. Just add your station name, stream url and station image; then build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store.
That’s it, no extra code is required.

Key Features

  • Play/Pause/Stop Live Radio Stream
  • Supports Both Single & Multiple Station Radio (v1.1)
  • Station List for Multi-Station Radio (v1.4)
  • AdMob Enabled (v1.1)
  • Background Service/Playback
  • Notification Message
  • Display Album, Artist & Track Info (v1.2)
  • Display Album Art / Cover Image (v1.2)
  • Works with both HTTP & RTSP Stream
  • Supported streams: MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+ (v1.3) & RTSP
  • Supported file format: PLS, M3U & XSPF (v1.4)
  • Works with both Portrait & Landscape Orientations
  • Different Layout for Landscape Mode (v1.2)
  • App Background Image (v1.3)
  • Playback Time Counter (v1.3)
  • Facebook & Twitter pages with WebView (v1.3)
  • ‘About’ section with WebView
  • Full Native Application
  • No extra code is required
  • Supports Android 2.2 – API 8 & Up
  • Step-By-Step Documentation Included

Emerald : Full iPhone App | iOS Full Applications

Emerald : Full iPhone App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Emerald is a native iPhone app template that allows to create a 100% customized app without a single line of code.
You can change all images, all colors, the font, and import your own content easily. You can then send the app to the AppStore,

It is compatible with iOS 5.1 and above (including 6.2) and runs on iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 and iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation
Requirements to open the project : OS X 10.7.4 or later
We used gotham medium on the demo and the AppStore version. We have replaced it by TitilliumText25L004 (free front) in the template.

Emerald Features v1.0

  • Choose your features : the tab bar is a great way for the user to navigate within an iPhone app. By using this navigation system you are still free to choose the number of tabs, the order and the features (Articles, Images, Videos, Audio, More) in it.
  • Articles : hook your articles from Wordpress or XML. Emerald is automatically taking care of the data linking process for you. HTML and CSS are supported for your articles.
  • Images : load your Pinterest, Flickr images or choose XML to select each photo. Amaze users with your HD and stunning pictures !
  • Videos : link your Youtube or Vimeo account to Emerald in few seconds. XML is also available if you are using a custom HTML5 player or if you want to select each video.
  • Audio : play an unlimited number of tracks or radio stations in your app. It is incredibly easy to update the songs/radios in real time.
  • More : let the user know more about your work. Redirect them to any website, add a biography or a description, show your location on a map, insert any label you want.
  • Share : the entire content of the app can be shared. Increase your traffic with Social Networks !
  • Real time data : Wordpress, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, XML, Emerald takes care of your data. As soon as you add new content users can look at it in the app.
  • Reading list : users can store their favorites articles in one touch to the reading list. A great way to enjoy your content offline. You can deactivate this feature.
  • Network alerts and Content management : nothing is more frustrating to see an empty screen with no explanation. Emerald displays network alerts as well as images for empty content/ no network connection
  • Languages : English, Madarin, Korean, European, etc… you can change the entire app language. Give your users an app they can easily interact with.
  • Easy configuration : you don’t have experience with code or Objective C ? Great because you don’t need any programming skill to configure Emerald.
  • Full customization : from the font to all images, you can customize the entire app.
  • Clean code : if you are more advanced you can easily edit and change Emerald’s code. We made it clean.
  • Support and documentation : Emerald comes with a complete tutorial from your first experience with Xcode to the AppStore submission. Our team is providing support under 24 hours to help you get the work done.

Responsive HTML5 Video Player & Gallery | HTML5 Media Plugin

Responsive HTML5 Video Player & Gallery - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
This is Responsive HTML 5 Video Player with/without gallery. You can use player without gallery with only one video, or you can build your own gallery with thumbnails, titles and descriptions. Number of videos is unlimited. Player look is customisable via CSS, so you can easily customize colors and adjust it to your needs. Player is resizeable so it fits perfectly in every website design.


  • easy setup
  • responsive
  • optional gallery
  • multiple themes included
  • click & drag (touch) to control gallery
  • mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, android)
  • 100% vector icons, retina-ready
  • all browsers compatible
  • multiple instances: you can insert more players in same page
  • optional logo: you can add your logo as image (.jpg, .png). Logo position can be in bottom-left corner, bottom-right ot top-right corner.
  • optional preview image: if you want your player to be paused when page loads, you can set preview image
  • autohide controls: you can choose after how much seconds player controls will disappear
  • hide / show gallery with playlist button (with this functionality you can “stretch” player over gallery to have better view for video, as well as “shrink” player to see gallery menu again to choose videos)
  • autoplay: on/off
  • complete volume control
  • optional share menu: facebook, twitter, myspace, wordpress, linkedin, flickr, blogger, delicious, mail
  • optional embed code: for visitors to embed your player in their sites
  • information window with HTML formatted text (it means you can insert links, change fonts, sizes with standard HTML tags)
  • rewind
  • tooltip for time
  • tooltip for volume percentage
  • fullscreen support (when not supported real fullscreen it switches to full browser support)
  • double click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • SPACE key play/pause
  • ESCAPE key to exit fullscreen
  • installation instructions included

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist | HTML5 Media Plugin

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

HTML5 Video Gallery with a cool ‘Live playlist’ feature could be used as video gallery, video player or any kind of video showcase.

New layout includes Thumbnail Wall with optional Lightbox!


  • HTML5 video with flash fallback for older browsers
  • Supports videos hosted on Amazon S3
  • Youtube support (video id, playlist id)
  • Optional automatically generated video thumbnails and description for Youtube
  • You can use your own thumbnails and video info for youtube as well.
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Thumbnail position bottom / right / grid layout / wall layout ( new! )
  • Playlist scroll buttons or jScrollPane
  • Customizable grid playlist (number of rows, numer of columns, spacing.. etc)
  • Wall layout features ( new! )
    • Customizable wall layout into line, grid…etc (style wall thumbnails with your own css into anything you want)
    • Optional Prettyphoto attached to videos
    • Optional links attached to videos
    • Empty video click actions (run your own actions on video click)
    • Callback returns selected video number
  • ‘Live preview’ feature is optional (automatically play video on playlist item rollover).
  • Playlist supports simple image thumbnails instead
  • Optional video autoplay
  • Optional random play
  • Optional video looping
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Optional auto hide controls
  • Optional description
  • Optional auto open description
  • Optional player logo with link
  • Set video volume
  • Load new playlist on runtime with public functions
  • Real html5 fullscreen (in supported browsers)
  • Public methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media or playlist
    • Destroy media
    • Toggle playlist (grid layout)
    • Toggle description
    • Set volume
  • Callbacks
    • Component setup done
    • Playlist end
    • Item triggered (number returned), very usefull for wall layout!

Real 3D FlipBook - responsive jQuery plugin | HTML5 3D

Real 3D FlipBook - responsive jQuery plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


  • the most realistic paper animation
  • real 3d – lights, shadows, page bending
  • easy to use and customize
  • responsive design – book resizes so it fits screen width or screen height depending on the layout, thumbnails are placed horizontally or vertically depending on the layout
  • optimized for mobile – look and feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe, pinch zoom etc
  • no Flash Player needed to run
  • smart page loading – only current pages are loaded
  • choose between 3 types of flip animation – webgl realistic 3d, jquery 2d or CSS3 3d flip animation customizable animation speed and transition type
  • show all pages – thumbnails
  • table of content – customizable
  • advanced zooming support with mouse wheel zoom on desktop, pinch zoom on mobile, scrollbars when zoomed, touch swipe, click and drag
  • zoom in and out buttons
  • real fullscreen support – if fullscreen is not supported by the browser, the icon will not be shown in the menu, if fullscreen is supported it will expand the book in real full screen mode, not browser full screen
  • retina friendly icons – icon font used for menu icons, fully customizable – change color, size, add drop shadow ect.
  • customizable menu – use only icons that you need
  • social share – facebook, twitter, google plus. linkedin
  • 3 skins included, customizable skins through CSS
  • 10 background patterns included
  • well documented

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins | HTML5 Media Plugin

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
This HTML5 video player comes in two versions: Right Side playlist and Bottom Playlist.
It plays .MP4 and .WEBM video files


You can choose from 5 skins for each player. To choose the skin just set “skin” parameter.
Ex: skin: universalBlack

You can insert the player multiple times in the same page with the same skin or using a different skin.

It supports full screen, having all the controllers usable in full screen mode, including playlist.

The controllers will auto hide on mouse out, showing the entire movie

A preview image can be defined for each movie

A playlist image can be defined for each movie

You have a complete sound control. You can also set the initial volume

You can set a Title and Description for the video. Supports HTML & CSS formated text.

You can also click on the video to play/pause the video.

- width
- height
- playlist width
- border width & color
- autoplay
- loop
- volume
... and more

The JS has around 38KB

The setup takes up to 60s.

A complete help file is included

HTML5 Responsive Video Player & Advertising | HTML5 Media Plugin

HTML5 Responsive Video Player & Advertising - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
This is HTML 5 Video Player with/without advertisement system. You can use player to play advertisement video before your main video, and also you can have popup advertisement at any time wou want during playback. Advertisement can be removed. Player look is customisable via CSS, so you can easily customise colors and adjust it to your needs. Player si resizeable so it fits perfectly in every website design.


  • easy setup
  • responsive
  • optional advertising (video & popup)
  • multiple themes
  • mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, android)
  • all browsers compatible
  • 100% vector icons, retina-ready
  • multiple instances: you can insert more players in same page
  • optional logo: you can insert your logo as image (.jpg, .png). Logo position can be in bottom-left corner / bottom-right corner / top-right corner
  • optional preview image: if you want your player to be paused when page loads, you can set preview image
  • autohide controls: you can choose after how much seconds player controls will disappear
  • autoplay: on/off
  • complete volume control
  • optional share menu: facebook, twitter, myspace, wordpress, linkedin, flickr, blogger, delicious, mail
  • optional embed code: for visitors to embed your player in their sites
  • info window with HTML formatted text (it means you can insert links, change fonts, sizes with standard HTML tags)
  • rewind
  • tooltip for time
  • tooltip for volume percentage
  • fullscreen support (when not supported real fullscreen it switches to full browser support)
  • double click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • SPACE key play/pause
  • ESCAPE key to exit fullscreen
  • installation instructions included

CCSlider - jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin | HTML5 Slider

CCSlider - jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
CCSlider is an unique jQuery slideshow plugin. It supports 3d transitions! There are 14 stunning 3d transitions available, and also 16 stylish 2d transitions. You have the option for mentioning a 2d transition fallback for old browsers that don’t support HTML5 Canvas, which is used for producing the 3d transitions. The slider is fully responsive, works in mobile devices and supports touch gestures to navigate through the slides. The plugin also supports HTML captions, autoplay of slides, custom HTML content and custom transitions per slide. See below for a list of features available in the plugin.


  • 14 HTML5 Canvas based 3d animated effects.
  • 16 stylish 2d animated effects.
  • Fallback to a 2d effect of your choice for browsers that don’t support HTML5 Canvas. Can also mention an animation speed for the fallback effect.
  • Option to mention the number of slices for 3d effects.
  • Option to mention the animation delay between individual slices.
  • Can also mention in which direction the delay will propagate. There are four such directions.
  • Option to mention the offset along z-axis and the separation between slices while animating for 3d effects.
  • Mention an easing option of your choice for 3d effects.
  • Can mention custom transition parameters for each slide.
  • Option to have a shadow for “Cube” 3d effects. Can also mention a shadow color of your choice.
  • Option to use transparent png images as slide images for 3d effects.
  • Supports HTML captions. There are 4 available caption positions – bottom, top, left, right.
  • Each slide can have a different caption position.
  • Captions can have animated transitions (fade, slide) or none at all.
  • Option to have control links to individual slides. Can also have thumbnails as links.
  • Each slide image can also act as a link to an external page.
  • Supports custom HTML content for each slide. These contents appear over the slide images. You can style and animate them anyway you want. You can also embed videos in the slides using this option.
  • Autoplay option. Play/pause buttons are generated when Autoplay option is chosen. In supported browsers HTML5 Page Visibility API is used to stop autoplay when the tab/window containing the slider is out of focus and autoplay is resumed when the tab/window is again in focus, and this helps in preventing unnecessary power and CPU resources consumption.
  • Option to pause Autoplay when hovering over slider.
  • Fully responsive and works in all screen sizes ranging from desktop to mobile browsers.
  • Can navigate through slides using touch gestures in iOS, Android and other touch-screen devices.
  • Options for callback functions are provided that execute either before or after a slide changes. Custom events for these ‘before’ and ‘after’ slide change events are also provided.
  • Helpful API functions are provided, such as next(), prev(), start(), stop(), goToSlide() and destroy(), which allow for programmatic manipulation of the slideshow.

Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 Youtube Vimeo | HTML5 Media Plugin

Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 Youtube Vimeo - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Player supports HTML5 and Flash video backup, Youtube and Vimeo with multiple layout configurations.
Optional deeplinking with jquery address for improved SEO.
All demo examples included in the download package for easy setup.


  • 100% size and fixed layouts
  • Supports HTML5 and Flash video backup, Youtube and Vimeo
  • Supports videos hosted on Amazon S3
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Thumb orientation: vertical / horizontal
  • Playlist position: right / bottom
  • Optional automatically generated thumbnails for Youtube and Vimeo (you can use your own instead)
  • Optional automatically generated video info for youtube and Vimeo (video title / description in playlist), (you can use your own instead)
  • Vimeo supports:
    • Single videos
    • User videos
    • Group videos
    • Channel videos
    • Album videos
  • Youtube supports:
    • Single videos
    • Youtube playlists
    • Youtube user favourites
    • Youtube user uploads
    • Youtube video query
    • Youtube playlist query
    • Youtube standard feeds
  • Mix together videos to create any kind of playlist
  • Playlist scroll is jScrollPane
  • Specify starting playlist and starting video
  • Load new playlist on runtime using public API
  • Optional autoplay
  • Optional loop
  • Optional random play
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Public methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media or playlist
    • Destroy media
    • Set volume
    • Get video description
  • Callbacks available
    • Component setup done

Thursday, 16 May 2013

WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe - WordPress Plugin | WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe - WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

The SeedProd WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe WordPress plugin displays a newsletter signup checkbox on checkout for WooCommerce integrated with MailChimp. Also includes a MailChimp List Health Dashboard Widget.


  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Displays a list Opt-In on Checkout
  • Easy Setup
  • Captures Email, First and Last Name
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Optional Double Opt-In
  • Customizable Text
  • List Health Dashboard Widget
  • Priority Support

Social Commerce WordPress Plugin | WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

Social Commerce WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

The Social Commerce plugin enables you to convert your WordPress eCommerce website in to a Facebook friendly destination for customers who want to shop via your Facebook Fan page. It works with any WordPress theme running an instalment of WooCommerce.

With an extensive and easy to use Control Panel you can begin customizing Social Commerce. You can upload your own logo, setup the built-in featured slider and include your very own shop introduction. All of which are visible on Facebook.

Decide what you’d like to show on the homepage of your Facebook Store and display either your Most Recent Products, Featured Products or specific Product Categories.
Once you’ve chosen that, choose between whether you’d like to show 4, 8 or 12 products on your homepage.

Even More Customization:

Adding to the above, with Social Commerce you can add Social Sharing to your products, include your own custom sidebar text (using HTML) and go super customized by adding in your own Custom CSS.

Social Commerce’s Design

The design of Social Commerce is one of its best bits. With a responsive/fluid layout, it means that if Facebook change the dimensions of the fan page your Facebook shop will simply adjust without breaking the layout.
We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the design details of Social Commerce sit just right with a Facebook user. The design doesn’t alienate customers and a lot of the design iterations have happened to make sure it is in-keeping with Facebook to make sure it looks right at home.

The Super-Easy Setup

The one area we know which can be daunting for users is the setup. So we’ve made it super easy. We’ve even created a short video explaining the setup in fill so you can follow it as you get Social Commerce up and running.
Once Social Commerce is up and running on your WordPress eCommerce store, from that point you can get automatic updates of the plugin via your WordPress dashboard.

Social Commerce Requirements

  • Social Commerce requires an installation of the WooCommerce plugin
  • Social Commerce requires SSL 

Feature List

  • Plug ‘n Play Installation
  • Automatic Updates
  • Works with any WordPress theme with an installation of WooCommerce
  • It’s own Settings Panel
  • Homepage Content Chooser
  • Logo uploader
  • Background uploader
  • Featured Slider
  • Social sharing for products
  • Responsive Design
  • Designed with the Facebook look and feel in mind
  • Create for WooCommerce

Skrill (MoneyBookers) Gateway for WooCommerce | WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

Skrill (Moneybookers) is the secure way to pay globally without revealing your financial details. With just your email address, you can send and spend with over 100 payment options, including all major credit and debit cards, in 200 countries.

Skrill (MoneyBookers) Payment Gateway is a Wordpress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce Plugin to accept payment through Skrill (MoneyBookers) Account Balance and Credit Card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the Skrill (MoneyBookers).

Looking for a Payment Gateway and can’t find one in our portfolio or if we haven’t integrated it for your shopping cart just contact us through the form on Profile Page so we can work out the payment gateway integration that your looking for.

WorldPay Gateway for WooCommerce | WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

WorldPay Gateway for WooCommerce - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WorldPay is a payment service provider for all sizes of business. Accept debit and credit card payments online and in multiple currencies.

WorldPay Payment Gateway is a Wordpress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the WorldPay.
Looking for a Payment Gateway and can’t find one in our portfolio or if we haven’t integrated it for your shopping cart just contact us through the form on Profile Page so we can work out the payment gateway integration that your looking for.

WP E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin | WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WP E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Bundle rate shipping allows you to provide special bundled shipping rates when a customer purchases multiple items in the same category.
For example, a shop selling books, DVDs and CDs might have the following bundled shipping rates:
  • Books: $5 for the first book, $2 for every book thereafter.
  • DVDs: $4 for the first DVD, $1 for every DVD thereafter.
  • CDs: $4 for the first CD, $1 for every CD thereafter

The WP E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin adds this shipping rate calculator to your WP E-Commerce store with a simple, easy to use configuration panel that integrates seamlessly with Wordpress and the WP E-Commerce plugin.
For added complexity, you can specify additional pricing layers for each category. For example, if you sell books, you could charge $5 for the first book, $2 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books, and nothing for any additional books purchased.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A-T-O-M | Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Theme | Joomla

A-T-O-M | Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Theme - Joomla CMS Themes

A-T-O-M Joomla 2.5 + 3.0 theme is a clean, sophisticated, lightweight and adaptable business or portfolio Joomla 2.5 + 3.0 fully responsive template. Build with LESS CSS compilation and CSS3 based on gantry framework 4. It has a limitless color variations, k2 styling, bootstrap integration and many more. The theme panel allows to have a limitless control over the theme.


  • Responsive Layouts
  • Quick start Package Installation – Joomla 2.5.8 + 3.0
  • 9 Preset Styles
  • 82 Module Positions
  • Module Variation
  • Major Browsers Support
  • Style for J! Stuff
  • Google Web Fonts Support
  • Back to top smooth Scroller
  • In built Blockquote, List, Buttons, Dropcap, Fluid Grid, Toogle, Tooltip, Price table, Highlight, Divider, Inline Helper
  • Custom Offline Page
  • Custom 404 Page
  • FAQ Page
  • 5 Different Slideshow
  • Home Page, Home Page Portfolio and Minimal Home Page
  • Well Documented
  • And much more…

Third Party features

  • Gantry Framework
  • K2 Component
  • Acymailing Component
  • Font Awesome
  • RokSprocket Module
  • Bootstrap typography
  • Widgetkit Component
  • Embeded Google map Plugin
  • P-Parllex Slideshow
  • Slideshow Ck – Camera Slider
  • Slicebox Slider
  • Unite Nivo Slide
  • DJ Image Slider

Product Also Included

  • Perfect Documentation
  • Quick start Installation – Joomla 2.5.8 + 3.0
  • All components, modules and plugins in separate folders
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Source File (.psd)
  • 82 Module Positions
  • 5 Slideshow Options
  • 3 Home Page Variation

GossipFX - Multipurpose Joomla Template | joomla

GossipFX - Multipurpose Joomla Template - Joomla CMS Themes

GossipFX is a very stylish and feature-rich Joomla 2.5 template. It is fully responsive, has many custom modules, unlimited color variations, two menu variations – Dark and Light, 10 different background styles and much much more. GossipFX is built on the well-known Gantry Framework and it is perfect for an online magazine, blog, corporate, portfolio or business websites! GossipFX also comes with two homepage variations – Magazine and Business

Third Party Features

  • Gantry Framework
  • K2 Component
  • Acymailing Component
  • Widgetkit Component
  • Kunena 2 Forum
  • Rocksprocket Module
  • GK Image Show Module
  • LofRespSlideshow Module
  • News Show Pro GK4 Module
  • BT Login Module
  • Google Maps Plugin
  • And much more…

The product also includes:

  • Perfect Documentation
  • Quickstart Installation
  • All components, modules and plugins in separate folders
  • Unlimited Color Variations, 2 menu variations – Dark and Light
  • 10 Background Styles
  • 84 Module Positions
  • Built-in CSS and Javascript Compression
  • Three Slideshow options
  • Custom HTML Modules
  • Two Homepage Variations – Magazine and Business

Business Pro - Clean Responsive Joomla Template | joomla Corporate | Business themes

Business Pro - Clean Responsive Joomla Template - Business Corporate

Business PRO has a variety of features:

  • Quickstart package (Joomla 2.5);
  • Responsive Layout;
  • Multipurpose;
  • 7 preset colors;
  • 10 fonts;
  • 5 module variations;
  • Warp 6 Framework;
  • Flexible module positions;
  • Module Badges;
  • Module Icons;
  • PSD file for Logo, Icons & Badges;
  • 12 Color Buttons with 4 sizes;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • Widgetkit Lite;
  • Roksprocket;
  • Spotlight Effects;
  • Gallery;
  • Typography;
  • SP Simple Map;
  • Social Icons;
  • Full list of shortcodes;
  • Very well documented.

Rammih - Responsive JomSocial Joomla Template | Joomla

Rammih - Responsive JomSocial Joomla Template - Joomla CMS Themes

Rammih is simple, modern and impresive joomla template. it’s a responsive templates and optimized for tablet and any others mobile screen. This template is also restyled very well for JomSocial, The Most Complete Social Platform for Joomla. From Sports, Business even to politic, you can use & customize it to suit an array of needs. Rammih comes with powerful T3 Joomlart Framework, best and selected extentions.


  • Responsive designs to smaller screen
  • Template based on T3 Framework.
  • Native Joomla 2.5.x core.
  • 6 Color Themes variation.
  • Fully Support a powerful K2 Component.
  • Quickstart Package (JomSocial Component is not included)
  • Amazing Slideshow modules
  • Very well Restyled JomSocial Component
  • Well CSS Structured
  • Easily configured layout from backend.
  • Option to enable CSS and JS compression.
  • Impressive, Lightweight and modern design.
  • Fully compatible for all major browser

Vantage - Clean Responsive Joomla Theme | joomla Corporate | Business themes

Vantage - Clean Responsive Joomla Theme - Business Corporate

Vantage Joomla Theme is a clean business or portfolio Joomla 2.5/3.0 template built with a clean and crisp, pixel by pixel concept. Vantage comes packed with various extensions and an interactive admin option panel.
Vantage is built on Warp framework, which gives the theme an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility, fast loading – using built in compression of files, data URIs and gzip minification and that’s not all; We’ve topped it up with a splash of 8 beautiful colors ranging from bright to laid back colors and a bonus Kunena 2.0 Forum theme.

Features at a glance

  • Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 Compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Color Styles
  • 60+ Admin options
  • Kunena Forum Styling
  • 50+ module positions
  • Zoo and K2 Blog Styling
  • Widgetkit Image slider
  • Flexible columns and template widths
  • Portfolio/Gallery up to 5 Columns
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 10 Preset pages
  • arrowthemes-spacer
  • CSS3 Tags for blog
  • Multiple Page Layout Combination
  • Custom module variations
  • Accordions and Tabs
  • Module Popup Widget
  • Instant ajax Search
  • Block Title color spans
  • Custom 404 Error page and offline page
  • Easy shortcodes plugin
  • Extensive and robust typography
  • Joomla template overrides
  • Built on Warp framework

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

WordPress Artist / Band Manager | WordPress Media Plugin

WordPress Artist / Band Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
WP Artist is an all in one Music solution for WordPress. As opposed to using several plugins to build one artist website, you can use this plugin as a grand plugin for managing an artist/band information. Created by a Record Label owner, this plugin has been done to meet the needs of a good website.

This plugin is perfect for:

  • Band/ Record Label Website
  • Discography Database
  • Music Store Directory
  • ..and more
Use this plugin to make your Purevolume , Island / Def Jam Records Clone. This is the Music CMS for we’ve been looking for.


  • 3 Widgets + option of requesting new widgets
  • Fluid CSS/Reponsive Build
  • Ajax page load on artist page
  • Custom Page Creation
  • Frontpage editing/submission by users
  • Great support
  • ..and more

Roundbox - WordPress modal image plugin | WordPress Media Plugin

Roundbox - WordPress modal image plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Roundbox – modal image plugin for WP

Roundbox is a Wordpress plugin to improve your image presentations on your page or posts. It comes with a cute effect when the user hovers upon the image and you can expand it with a simple and responsive modal box without take the user away.

Features included:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 crossbrowser support
  • Perfect hover detection
  • Builtin simple & Responsive ModalBox
  • Lighbox support
  • Useful callback functions
  • Fully customizable
  • Smooth animations
  • Follows any link
  • Easing effect included
  • Shortcodes, accessed via the post/page editor
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Unlimited options set
  • Well organized option page & user friendly controls
  • Fully documented and explained

Monday, 13 May 2013

Exodus - Clean and Responsive Zen Cart Template | eCommerce Theme

Exodus - Clean and Responsive Zen Cart Template - Zen Cart eCommerce

Clean and Responsive Zen Cart Template for all online shop type

Exodus is Clean and Responsive Zen Cart Template.
There are 9 pre-made color or custom color that you can choose/change from admin, customize footer directly from the admin page.
Its universal design makes this themes suitable for any kind of online shop. Built with Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework and it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
Every page from Register/Login to Checkout has been carefully crafted. It’s easy for your customer to use it

Main Features

  • HTML5-CSS3 : Latest web technologies, absolutelly future proof.
  • Responsive : looks great on laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Twitter Boostrap : Reliable and Popular CSS Framework
  • Categories accordion Menu : It’s easier for customer if you have so many nested categories
  • Custom Color Scheme : You can choose your own color scheme or choose pre-defined color from admin page
  • Cloud Zoom and Colorbox : With Cloud Zoom, you can view product larger image on mouseover
  • Grid/List View : Custom feature that makes your customer can switch between Grid or List view.
  • Powerfull Admin Page : Customize all aspect of the themes, from Color, Social Account, Footer Widget, etc
  • FontAwesome : High Resolution Icon Font
  • Many More….

AJAX Navigation Menu Widget for Blogger | Navigation Menu | Blogger Widget

AJAX Navigation Menu For Blogger Banner

AJAX Navigation menu for blogger is very new widget created by (way2blogging.org) in Blogger platform that uses Blogger JSON feed API and AJAX. This widget is works based on jQuery library and Blogger JSON feed API. Your blog must be for Public visitors. other wise the Blogger JSON Feed API won’t works.

The menu is works just like normal drop-down menu when javascript is disabled, And it will turns to AJAX powered drop-down menu when javascript is enabled.

The Retailer - Retina Responsive WooCommerce Theme

The Retailer - Retina Responsive WooCommerce Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale


The Retailer is Responsive, Retina Ready, shop theme build for WooCommerce 2.0+ and WordPress. The theme includes everything you need to start your online store right away.


Unlimited Customization Options

  • Easily Change the Overall Design
  • Upload Your Logo
  • Choose Your Colors
  • 500+ Google Web Fonts Support with Preview
  • Boxed or Wide Layout Options
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas (for any page)
  • Layered PSD files included
  • Child Theme Support

Theme Features

  • WordPress 3.5 Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.0.+ Ready
  • Fully Responsive Design / Super Mobile Friendly
  • Ultra Sharp Retina Graphics / Touch Enabled
  • Slider Revolution Premium WP Plugin included ($15 Value)
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas (for any page)
  • Catalog Mode Option (Turn Off the Shopping Functionality)
  • Portfolio Section (2, 3 or 4 columns)
  • Online Documentation + HD Video Tutorials
  • Dummy Content Available
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • Pre-Defined Page Layouts
  • Fully Customizable Homepage
  • Custom Login / Register Page
  • WPML Ready
  • Google Maps Integration
  • One Click Updates using Envato WordPress Toolkit
  • W3C Valid HTML5 with CSS3

Shop/WooCommerce Features

  • Catalog Mode Option
  • User Accounts
  • Custom ‘My Account’ Section
  • Built-in Order Tracking System
  • Powerful Store Management and Reports
  • Built-in Coupon Codes System
  • Tax & Shipping Options
  • SEO Optimized
  • One Page Custom Checkout
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Reviews and Ratings for Products

Pre-defined Page Layouts & Custom Pages

Ther Retailer - Theme Pages Preview

All pages are conveniently created using shortcode combinations for maximizing the theme’s flexibility. Here is a list a all the pre-defined templates and custom pages available.
I rarely look at all pages of a theme, but I had to do it with yours. Awesome work man. Attention to details is just fantastic, this theme should cost $200 minimum…” — DanyDuchaine

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale

Enfold is a responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case you need it

It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Build your own skin or use one of 18 predefined skins right out from your WordPress Admin Panel. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. In addition to the global options you can set unqiue styling options for each entry as seen in the theme demo

SEO (Search engine optimization)

The theme is built with SEO best practices in mind. It uses semantical valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index the content of your site with ease. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines. 
The site also uses heavy internal site linking, which is also of vital for search engines (related posts, primary and secondary navigation menus, footer navigation, etc) With this Wordpress Template you are well equipped to get a high google ranking and attract visitors to show them your fantastic work

Key Features Overview

  • Unqiue Drag and Drop Template Builder, built only for this theme. Almost any layout imaginable is possible. Also comes with a ton of unqiue elements for the template Builder:
    • Columns, Slider, Buttons, Gallery, team, Tabs, Toogles, Accordions, Pricing and Data Tables, Call to Action Buttons, Testimonials and many more
  • Ajax Instant Search: user get results while typing
  • Translation ready with mo/po files
  • WooCommerce Ready: add your own Shop and sell anything from digital Goods to Coconuts
  • WPML plugin ready:WPML Plugin, in case your business needs a multi language site
  • Responsive designs that addapts to smaller devices (iphone, ipad)
  • Retina Ready: Looks beautiful on smarthpones and tablets
  • Deactivate responsive features with one click in your backend
  • 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow
  • 2D Easy Slider for slideshow creation in seconds
  • All slideshows optimized for mobile devices (hardware accelerated CSS3 slider)
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Link, Quote
  • Multiple Slideshows possible. You can add multiple to each post, page or portfolio entry
  • 18 predefined skins, easy to edit and modify. Any number of skins possible
  • Supports Videos from any major video hosting service
  • Visual Shortcode editor with preview function, tons of shortcodes like pricing tables, columns, buttons etc
  • Color picker options for any number of gorgeous color settings.
  • Unqiue Sidebars for each page/category possible
  • User Manual, short videos and professional theme support by me and my team to fix any kind of problems
  • Free Lifetime Updates and Support
  • Growing community in our support forum:over 12000 registered users, 21000 Topics, 100000 Posts. We do care that your site works and answer every post!
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Contact Form Builder: Modify your contact form from your backend: add/remove/modify the available inputs, textareas, dropdowns and checkboxes
  • Code built with SEO best practice in mind
  • PSDs included
  • Tested with WPML, Gravitforms, WP Supercache and many other common plugins
  • Growing Video Tutorial Library


This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. (try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The Slideshows for this theme are also touch enabled and hardware accelerated, which means they are working super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone 

Support and Documentation

The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at

We have 12000 registered members that often help out faster than we can. Nevertheless you will always recieve a response from me or my support team. More than 100000 Posts show that we do care that your site works fine

A short notice: The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple:
  1. Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will greatly enhance your experience since the answer to your question might already be there.
  2. Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, which often happens on the support forums.

Petrichor - Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Petrichor - Responsive WordPress Landing Page - Software Technology

Full Features List

  • fully responsive on any device and browser
  • you can expand the landing page into a full site; all standard WP objects are designed and available:
    • full width page
    • page with left sidebar
    • page with right sidebar
    • post with comments
    • blog
  • 4 header layouts – 3 with iPhone + video
  • 30+ theme options
  • colorpicker for unlimited color combinations and theme customizations
  • 6 backgrounds for header + upload your own
  • 9 predefined color themes to get you started:
    • black
    • blue
    • brown
    • cyan
    • green
    • orange
    • pink
    • purple
    • red
  • working AJAX contact form and Google maps integrated
  • integrated Mailchimp subscription form
  • AWeber widget
  • lightbox gallery
  • client quotes rotator
  • main menu on inner pages
  • standard shortcodes
  • 1 click demo data import
  • HTML5 valid
  • powered by Twitter Bootstrap

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Freelance Cockpit 2 - Project Management | PHP Scripts | Project Management Tools |

Freelance Cockpit 2 - Project Management - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

You are a freelancer and you are searching for a tool which helps you to manage your business? Well, then don’t look any further! The idea behind Freelance Cockpit 2 is to provide a tool for every freelancer to bring all important informations together.


  • Dashboard
    Helpful overview of open projects, open invoices, received and outstanding payments, open tasks, messages and events.
  • Project Management
    Create and manage all your projects.
  • Project Tasks
    You can add tasks to any project.
  • Project Timer
    This will help you to track the time you have spent on a project.
  • File Upload and commenting
    On all projects you can upload any kind of files, like a screenshot of the mockup you made for a new web project and share them with your client.
  • Client Management
    Easily manage your clients with all the details you need.
  • Client Portal
    Your clients can view the status of their projects and invoices.
  • Invoice Management
    Creating and sending invoices was never that easy!
  • Recurring Invoices
    Create recurring invoices.
  • Item Management
    Manage your items/products
  • User Activity Widget
    See who is online.
  • Email Notifications
    Get email notifications on new messages, project assignment etc.
  • User Access Levels
    Control the access of your agents to the different modules.
  • Quick Access
    Quickly open a project or start/stop the timer using the Quick Access widget.
  • Database backup
    Never loose any data again!
  • System Update
    As soon as an update gets released, you can update your application within the webinterface.
  • Easy Installation Tool
    Very easy installation, no programming skills required.
  • Multi Language Support
    Full language support with language files.
  • Quotation Request
    The quotation request form can be accessed without login, so you can send the link directly to potential clients or just add the link to your corporate website.
  • Private Messaging
    Send private messages to admins and clients.
  • Paypal IPN Integration
    Your clients can easily pay invoices via Paypal.
  • Paypal Subscription Integration
    Paypal subscriptions for recurring invoices.
  • Customize CSS
    You can change the CSS styles directly from the settings page.
  • And more

Ultimo - Fluid Responsive | Magento Theme | eCommerce Theme

Ultimo - Fluid Responsive Magento Theme - Magento eCommerce

Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with advanced admin module. It’s extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of store. Great as a starting point for your custom projects.

Compatible with Magento: 1.5.x (,, 1.6.x (,,, 1.7.x (,,

Key Features


  • Customizable design - change the visual appearance of almost every element
  • Unlimited colors – change colors, apply textures, upload custom background image

  • Customizable responsive layout – custom maximum width of the page, supports wide screens
  • Fluid grid system (12-column) – the theme always uses maximum available width of the screen to display content. It can be displayed on any screen. Fluid width can be disabled

  • 2 menu styles - wide mega menu or classic drop-down menu
  • Custom content blocks – add any content (images, text, HTML) inside category drop-down menu, for every 1st-level and 2nd-level category
  • Customizable size – adjust number of columns inside drop-down menu
  • Accordion – on mobile devices menu turns into collapsible accordion
  • Category labels – eye-catching labels for categories
  • Sidebar menu – display menu (categories) in the sidebars and in any custom block
  • Fully customizable colors

  • Fluid products grid - display from 2 to 7 columns of products on category pages. On wide screens the number of columns will be automatically increased to show more products in a row
  • Customizable grid – configure the display of the following elements (they can be visible, visible only on mouse hover, or completely removed): “Add to cart” button, ratings (stars), “Add to wishlist” and “Add to compare” links
  • Alternative images – show alternative product image on mouse hover in category view and in the home page product sliders
  • Equal height of items in the category grid (can be enabled/disabled)
  • Keep the aspect ratio of product images on category pages
  • List of categories – block at the top of the left sidebar. It can be hidden on mobile devices. List of categories can also be displayed in CMS blocks and on CMS pages

  • Brand logo on product page. Logo can be a link to any page (to category with products from that brand, to search results or to any CMS page). Alternatively brand names (simple text) can be displayed instead of logo images
  • Customizable image size on product page. Specify any size you like, images don’t have to be square – you can keep the aspect ratio
  • Cloud Zoom + Lightbox to enlarge product images. Use one of those methods or both at a time
  • Image gallery – enable/disable gallery mode in the Lightbox
  • Tabs/accordion tabs smoothly turns into accordion on lower screen resolutions
  • “Additional Information” tab for individual product attributes - create and display custom product attributes
  • 2 tabs for custom content – ready to display any static content: info about shipping, returns, sales, promotions or any other general information
  • Tabbed reviews - show product reviews on product page to improve SEO
  • Replace Related Products and Up-sell Products blocks with custom content. Replace completely or replace only if the product does not have any related/up-sell products. Or disable those blocks completely with just one click
  • Product sliders for Up-sell Products and Related Products. Now you can select as much related and up-sell products as you want

  • Home page slideshow - fully customizable, easy to use. “Slide” or “fade” effect, 30 easing methods, editable speed of movement and speed of transition and much more. Display any content in your slides (clickable or non-clickable images, complex HTML, anything), add captions above images
  • Slideshow + banners – additional banners (can be disabled) at the right or left side of the slideshow.
  • Hide slideshow on mobiles – ability to hide slideshow or slideshow banners on mobile devices
  • 1, 2, 3 columns layout – you can choose the layout of the home page: 1, 2 or 3 columns. Display custom content in multiple sidebar blocks. Enable/disable Magento’s default sidebar blocks on home page.
  • List of categories – display block with the list of all categories in one of the sidebars
  • Brand slider - present all brands on the home page (or on any other CMS page or sidebar block)
  • “Featured Products” slider - display selected products on any page. Configure the number of products, scrolling speed, automatic or manual scrolling, number of items that should move on animation, ability to hide “Add to cart” buttons
  • Multiple sliders – display multiple “Featured Products” sliders. Sliders can also be displayed on other CMS pages and inside sidebar CMS blocks
  • Random products - display random products in the slider
  • “New Products” slider - automatically display products marked as “new”. It can be displayed on any page. Configure the number of products, scrolling speed, automatic or manual scrolling
  • Responsive image banners – display columns of banners using fluid grid system

  • One-click import - import CMS blocks and pages with sample content from the demo
  • 50+ CMS blocks - content placeholders ready to display custom content (in almost every part of the store). Using these placeholders you are able to insert your content into product page, shopping cart, checkout, header, footer, CMS pages etc. Everything edited from the admin panel
  • Large footer block with 2 rows of columns (from 1 to 6 columns in a row) for custom content. Put there your links, latest news or any other content
  • Social services bookmarks can be easily placed on the product page using one of the CMS blocks

  • “New” and “Sale” labels - mark your products with eye-catching labels. Text on the labels can be translated
  • Override default Magento header and footer links - those links are hard-coded in Magento but with this theme you can easily replace them with your custom links!


Cute Slider - 3D & 2D HTML5 Image Slider | JavaScript Slider

Cute Slider - 3D & 2D HTML5 Image Slider - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Cute Slider is a unique and easy to use slider with awesome 3D and 2D transition effects, captions, 4 ready to use templates, video (youtube and vimeo) support and more impressive features which written with pure object oriented javascript. It has easy to implement and search engine optimized html markup.

Cute Slider Features:

  • 3D & 2D effects
  • Responsive design
  • 5 redy to use templates
  • +100 preset transitions
  • Cross browser, supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE7+
  • Device friendly, works in iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows Phone.
  • 3 fallback levels considered, CSS3 3D Transforms, HTML5 Canvas element, 2D Mode.
  • Transition gallery included, a tool that provides the fastest way to select and use them in your slider.
  • Fully customizable, it’s possible to customize or redesign all parts of slider.
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Youtube and Vimeo videos are supported.
  • Fully customizable captions supported.
  • Option to set shuffle mode for slideshow
  • Option to set link to each slide.
  • Option to add html content over slides.
  • Option to preview thumbnail over navigation
  • Option to enable/disable pause on hover slider.
  • Advanced javascript API considered.
  • Smart resource loader.
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Developed with pure object oriented javascript.
  • Framework independent

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser JQuery Plugin

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser JQuery Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery Plugin
Time to go Pro!

Showbiz Pro is a highly customizable plugin to show you or your customer’s services, portfolio items, blog contents… basically all business information thinkable.
What makes this item unique is that you can define everything(Captions, Preview, Details etc.) via CSS or HTML or jQuery plugin option which gives you Unlimited Layout Possibilites. Please check out the examples to see for example how a small preview view expands to a rich detailed panoramic view. All fits nicely in the designated area.

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser JQuery Plugin Feature

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • Drag & Scroll Function
  • Smart Loading of Embeded Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Light Weight jQuery and CSS
  • Retina Ready Icons via Font Face Icons
  • Unlimited Slides
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • FullWidth and Single Width Reveals
  • Customizable 100% via Plugin Parameters / CSS / HTML
  • Easy installation in your Website
  • Fast CSS3 & jQuery Engine
  • Fancybox 2 Lightbox Plugin on Multi Domain License included ($89 Value)
  • Detailed Documentation included!
  • Example pages included!
  • Set Amount of Entries in 4 Level for Responsive Look
  • Drag & Scroll Function
  • Navigation Arrow can be added anywhere in the DOM
  • Predefined Helper Classes
  • FullWidth and Single Width Reveals
  • Smart Loading of Embeded Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Undependent or Different height of Entries
  • One by One or Intelligen Page Scroll
  • Various and Dynamic Height of Fullwidth Reveal
  • 5+1 Demo Files in Source
  • Different Layout within one Teaser possible
  • Leight Weight jQuery and CSS
  • Fits in any Container
  • Clever Prepared Helper Classes
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilites

iLightBox · Revolutionary Lightbox Plugin | JavaScript Images and media

iLightBox · Revolutionary Lightbox Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

What’s iLightBox?

iLightBox allows you to easily create the most beautiful responsive overlay windows using the jQuery JavaScript library.
By combining support for a wide range of media with gorgeous skins and a user-friendly API, iLightBox aims to push the Lightbox concept as far as possible.


  • jQuery capabilities.
  • Responsive design.
  • 6 ready to use skins.
  • Native browser fullscreen support.
  • Cross browser, supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE7+
  • Device friendly, works in iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows Phone.
  • Highly User Interface Design.
  • Fully customizable, it’s possible to customize or redesign all parts of iLightBox.
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported.
  • Video auto recognition from sites.
  • Smart Content recognizer
  • Option to preview thumbnail over navigation.
  • Advanced JavaScript API considered.
  • Smart resource loader
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Developed with pure object oriented JavaScript
  • Multilanguage support
  • Keyboard support
  • Touch support
  • Mouse support: (Click, Wheel)
  • Extended HTML documentation
  • Powerful, documented API — public methods, properties, callbacks

jQuery Lightbox Evolution | JavaScript Images and media

jQuery Lightbox Evolution - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page

JackBox - Responsive Lightbox |

JackBox - Responsive Lightbox - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

JackBox – A Responsive Lightbox with Real Social Sharing

JackBox was built with 2 goals in mind:

  1. Create a lightbox that worked on mobile devices, even smartphones. JackBox is “responsive”, which means it’s 100% compatible with responsive websites.
  2. Create a lightbox where every image, video and song can be individually shared. This means when someone “likes” one of your photos, when a friend clicks on the shared link, they’ll instantly be shown the exact photo that was originally shared.

Features Include

  • Responsive / Mobile Ready
  • Retina Ready Graphics
  • Share any item through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+
  • Deep-linking, every item has it’s own unique link
  • Touch Swipe for Mobile Devices
  • Genuine Fullscreen for Firefox and Chrome
  • Group any items together and create item categories
  • Youtube Video w/ Mobile Fallback
  • Vimeo Video w/ Mobile Fallback
  • Automatic Youtube and Vimeo thumbnail loading
  • HTML5 Video w/ Flash backup
  • HTML5 Audio w/ Flash backup
  • Flash Video w/ Mobile Backup
  • Load HTML Divs, iFrames and Google Maps
  • A boatload of Custom Thumbnail Hovers and Tooltips
  • CSS3 Preloader for smoother animation

Options Include

  • Optional gallery-style thumbnails
  • Options to set the lightbox thumbnail width and height
  • Optional item titles and descriptions
  • Option to show the description info by default
  • Option to start with thumbnails hidden
  • Option to autoplay all videos either globally or individually
  • Option to zoom smaller images automatically either globally or individually
  • Option to preload graphics for a smoother lightbox experience

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer | JavaScript Images and media

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
This is a javascript / CSS based image viewer prepared to display product photos, maps or any image within custom small area. Can be configured and implemented in web pages with simple copy / paste steps.


  • Initial Zoom level
  • Initial Position
  • Maximum zoom level
  • Minimum zoom level

  • Animation Smoothness
  • Animation Speed for Zoom
  • Animation Speed for Pan
  • Fit or Fill the image
  • Enable / Disable Pan buttons
  • Enable / Disable Pan Limitation
  • Adjustable Button Size, Color, Transparency, Alignment and Margin
  • Button Auto Hide and Delay Time

  • Mouse Drag / Touch Drag
  • Mouse Wheel zoom control
  • Mouse Cursor location zoom on mouse wheel
  • Mouse Double Click zoom

  • Border size, color, transparency
  • Full browser size option
  • Max width and height (for window resize)

Friday, 10 May 2013

JF Social - Joomla JomSocial Template | Joomla Template

JF Social - Joomla JomSocial Template - Joomla CMS Themes
JF Social is a Professional Joomla, JomSocial and Kunena templates with lots of features. It is well suited for any kind of website, specially for Social/Community/Forum, Blog, Corporate, Business, Portfolio . . . and much, much more!

JF Social Joomla Template Features:

  • Template based on Gantry Framework 4
  • JomSocial v2.6 & v2.8 Ready Theme (Joomla Social Networking Component – This is Premium 
  • Kunena v2.0 Ready Theme
  • Beautiful Style for K2 Component
  • 3 Diffrent Sliders:
    • FlexSlider 2 
    • NivoSlider 
    • Camera Slider (Variant 2) 
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 5 Fixed Color variations:
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
    • Pink
    • Orange
  • Sticky Header Feature
  • RTL Support
  • Google font integration
  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Custom Offline page
  • Pricing Tables
  • Inbuilt ToolTips, Tabs, Accordions, Toggles
  • Cross Browser Support: IE8+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome 8+, Opera 10+ and other Standards-Supporting Browsers
  • 101 Module Positions
  • Middle & Top Beautiful Slide Panels/Module Positions
  • Sound Effect Template Feature for Buttons (For modern Browsers Only)
  • Beautiful Circle Loading Animation (For modern Browsers Only which support Canvas)
  • Cool Preloader Template Feature
  • Template Inbuilt Twitter Feed
  • Template Inbuilt Beautiful PiroBox Gallery
  • Template Inbuilt Cool NiceScroll Feature
  • Beautiful Fast Navigation
  • Cool Isotope Portfolio
  • Well Documented
  • Photo Gallery
  • PSD Files included
  • ...and much, much more!

JF Social JomSocial Template Features:

  • Clean Professional Style
  • Unlimited Color variations
  • Unlimited Font Styles
  • Sticky Header Feature
  • Beautiful Activity Stream
  • Beautiful PiroBox on Stream
  • Beautiful Comments Scrolling
  • Redesigned Profile Page
  • Styled ShareBox
  • Sticky Header
  • Unlimited Font Styles
  • Custom Fields On Profile Page
  • Full Controll On Profile Elements
  • RTL Support
  • Styled JomSocial ToolTips
  • Extended JS Frontpage Videos (Popup)
  • Extended JS Frontpage Photos (PiroBox)
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Inbuilt FlexSlider 2
  • Styled JS Top Search Module
  • Cool JF JS Login Module
  • Beautiful JF JS LatestMembers Module
  • Amazing JF JS LatestPhotos Module
  • & Much More…

JF Social Kunena Template Features:

  • Clean Professional Style
  • Unlimited Colors
  • FontSize Changer Feature
  • Sticky Header Feature
  • Beautiful Kunena Login
  • Cool Quick Navigation (With Simple Joomla Menu)
  • Sidebar Module Position SlideToggle
  • Redesigned Profile Page
  • Quick Preview on Topics
  • Responsive Layout (Mobile Support)
  • Beautiful Forum Mobile Toolbar (With Simple Joomla Menu)

KALLYAS Responsive Multi-purpose Joomla Template | Joomla retail Template

KALLYAS Responsive Multi-purpose Joomla Template - Retail Joomla

This is Kallyas Template, one of the most complete, premium template ever made. This is an ultra-premium, highly-responsive Joomla Template built for today websites. It’s super flexible, clean design (and code), without no modesty. It has the latest techologies and trends and it can be used in a huge variety of domains. It’s also a great deal having premium plugins inside!!

Full list of Features:

  • Both Joomla 2.5.x and 3.0.x compatible (Virtuemart is not supported on J3 for the moment.)
  • Own framework based on Bootstrap Framework
  • Unlimited colors and combinations!
  • Virtuemart / Ecommerce integration
  • SEO Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Responsive layout
  • Dark / Light themes
  • 6 Homepages with different module combinations
  • Around 70 modules positions or various combinations
  • Huge slider variety:
    • iOS Slider
    • Creative Slider (based on Revolution Slider)
    • Fixed Sliders
      • Style 1 (Flex Slider)
      • Style 2 (Nivo Slider)
      • Style 3 (Wow Slider)
    • 3D Cute Slider
    • Fancy Slider
    • Circular Content
    • Static Content (great variety)
    • Portfolio Slider Devices (based on Revolution Slider)
    • Portfolio Slider Frames
    • Laptop Slider
    • iCarousel
    • CSS3 Panels
  • Genious Portfolio Layouts (using Joomla API)
    • Carousels Layout
    • Sortable Layout
    • Category Layout on multiple columns
  • 35 custom modules created specially for this template! with various layouts
  • Shortcodes System
  • Custom pages designs
  • Pricing tables
  • Blog section with comments
  • Photo Gallery
  • FAQ Section
  • 404 Page redesign
  • Offline Page redesign
  • Google Fonts support
  • Newsletter module based on Mailchimp
  • Built-in Prettyphoto lightbox with autopopup & open from link functionality
  • Transparent modal pages
  • Custom QR Code generator
  • Sitemap design included
  • Quick Install with demo data & Standalone standalone version aswell
  • PSD Files included
  • 960px / 1200px grid system
  • Great social media support!
  • Built in styles
  • & many others

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sentenza Desktop for Mac | Mac apps

Sentenza Desktop for Mac - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Sentenza Desktop should normally be compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.6 but I can not guarantee. Test the trial version (link below) to be sure that Sentenza Desktop can open and compile a test project. Scroll down to read the full system requirements.


Using Sentenza Desktop is really simple. You have just to fill fields, radio buttons and checkboxes to customize your application. You specify the root directory where the content of your application is stored (HTML, CSS, JS files and images), and the engine will compile a standalone application. Sentenza Desktop is optimized for using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (of course you can use audio and video).

  • - Build applications for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer (32/64-bits)
  • - Make cloud-based or standalone applications (or even mixed apps)
  • - Optimized for Mac OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)
  • - Build light & portable applications (core < 200 KB)
  • - Fully independant (not a web-service like PhoneGap)
  • - Core has been built in native Objective-C and doesn’t require any frameworks
  • - 30 APIs available, those can be called in JavaScript
  • - GUI of applications built with Sentenza Desktop is automatically available in En, Fr, De, It and Es !
  • - Save your project as .stzdprj (XML-based)
  • - Window fully customizable (size, status bar, modal, resizable, ...)
  • - Use HTML5 LocalStorage to save datas easily
  • - Enable fullscreen mode to give a new dimension to your applications
  • - Enable WebGL to make awesome 3D applications
  • - Include help in your application
  • - Customize About window and application icon
  • - Enable/Disable back-forward
  • - Enable/Disable scroll bounce (elastic)
  • - Use a custom user-agent
  • - Compatible with distant PHP
  • - Fully compatible with most JavaScript frameworks
  • - Publish your applications on the Mac App Store
  • - User interface available in french and english (log in english)
  • - No visual references to Sentenza Desktop in your applications
  • - Automatically check for updates
  • - Lifetime license, without hidden or monthly fees
  • - Free updates !
  • - And more… :)

  • Deployment

    With Sentenza Desktop you can codesign your application without using any external tools. You will have the choice to compile a .pkg package (for Application Loader submission) or a .xcarchive package (for XCode submission). An Apple Developer Account is required to publish your applications on the Mac App Store. Building applications for the Mac App Store is an easy way to make money. The community is massive and the Mac App Store is an incredible marketing tool, ready for promoting all types of applications (games, utilities, references, books, lifestyle, music, video, ...).


    For Sentenza Desktop I built a library of APIs that can help you to add advanced features to your applications. Those APIs must be called in JavaScript and can be mixed each other or with other functions. From my tests, I have not detected any conflicts with multiple JavaScript frameworks. I tried to be as complete as possible to recreate all basic functions of a modern application (read and write a file, using notifications center, manipulate the window, ...). Below is the list of all available APIs in the latest version. If you have suggestions for future APIs, feel free to contact me. I will make my possible to add them to the next version. For more informations about APIs usage, consult the online help and documentation.

  • - Exit application
  • - Minimize application
  • - Maximize application
  • - Toggle fullscreen
  • - Close window
  • - Change window title
  • - Change window size
  • - Change window position
  • - Print current page
  • - Custom message dialog
  • - Copy a string to clipboard
  • - Use notification center
  • - System beep
  • - Launch an application
  • - Open URL in external default browser
  • - Read the content of file
  • - Create and write in a file
  • - Add strings to file
  • - Create a new directory
  • - Delete an item (file/folder)
  • - Move an item (file/folder) to trash
  • - Copy an item (file/folder) from-to
  • - Check if a file is accessible
  • - Execute a Terminal command
  • - Execute a Shell script
  • - Get path to the main bundle application
  • - Get path to the resources directory in bundle
  • - Get path to the current user Documents directory
  • - Get path to the current user Desktop
  • - Get user system language
  • - Play external audio file (issue)
  • - HTML5 geolocation (issue)
  • - Proceed a GET procedure (issue – jQuery replacement)
  • - Zip an item (file/folder) (future)
  • - Unzip an item (file/folder) (future)
  • - Execute open file dialog (future)
  • - Execute save file dialog (future)

  • System Requirements

  • - Available for Mac only
  • - Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer (64-bits)
  • - Optimized for Mac OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)
  • - XCode 4.5 or newer (optional, for Mac App Store submission via XCode)
  • - Application Loader 2.8 or newer (optional, for Mac App Store submission)
  • - Apple Developer Account (optional, only to deploy on Mac App Store)
  • - Internet connection for updates and license checking
  • Copyright @ 2013 Review scam or legit. Designed by Templateism | Love for The Globe Press