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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

EZ Site Selector | WordPress Forms Plugin

EZ Site Selector - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Have you dreamt of a neat way to link your network of WordPress Sites? Do you like the Envato drop down select menu they use to link the marketplaces?

Well, if so, this nifty little WordPress Plugin is for you!

The EZ Site Selector allows you to link unlimited sites via an Envato style dropdown menu, all customisable by a beautiful admin page.

Using the built in options panel, you can easily enter the URLs for your images, the URLs you wish each logo to link to, and also style the dropdown’s dimensions and background color, so with no effort you have set up a great tool to tie together your web sites.

Its also easy to implement. just use a shortcode in your pages or theme and you all set.

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