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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sentenza Desktop for Mac | Mac apps

Sentenza Desktop for Mac - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Sentenza Desktop should normally be compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.6 but I can not guarantee. Test the trial version (link below) to be sure that Sentenza Desktop can open and compile a test project. Scroll down to read the full system requirements.


Using Sentenza Desktop is really simple. You have just to fill fields, radio buttons and checkboxes to customize your application. You specify the root directory where the content of your application is stored (HTML, CSS, JS files and images), and the engine will compile a standalone application. Sentenza Desktop is optimized for using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (of course you can use audio and video).

  • - Build applications for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer (32/64-bits)
  • - Make cloud-based or standalone applications (or even mixed apps)
  • - Optimized for Mac OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)
  • - Build light & portable applications (core < 200 KB)
  • - Fully independant (not a web-service like PhoneGap)
  • - Core has been built in native Objective-C and doesn’t require any frameworks
  • - 30 APIs available, those can be called in JavaScript
  • - GUI of applications built with Sentenza Desktop is automatically available in En, Fr, De, It and Es !
  • - Save your project as .stzdprj (XML-based)
  • - Window fully customizable (size, status bar, modal, resizable, ...)
  • - Use HTML5 LocalStorage to save datas easily
  • - Enable fullscreen mode to give a new dimension to your applications
  • - Enable WebGL to make awesome 3D applications
  • - Include help in your application
  • - Customize About window and application icon
  • - Enable/Disable back-forward
  • - Enable/Disable scroll bounce (elastic)
  • - Use a custom user-agent
  • - Compatible with distant PHP
  • - Fully compatible with most JavaScript frameworks
  • - Publish your applications on the Mac App Store
  • - User interface available in french and english (log in english)
  • - No visual references to Sentenza Desktop in your applications
  • - Automatically check for updates
  • - Lifetime license, without hidden or monthly fees
  • - Free updates !
  • - And more… :)

  • Deployment

    With Sentenza Desktop you can codesign your application without using any external tools. You will have the choice to compile a .pkg package (for Application Loader submission) or a .xcarchive package (for XCode submission). An Apple Developer Account is required to publish your applications on the Mac App Store. Building applications for the Mac App Store is an easy way to make money. The community is massive and the Mac App Store is an incredible marketing tool, ready for promoting all types of applications (games, utilities, references, books, lifestyle, music, video, ...).


    For Sentenza Desktop I built a library of APIs that can help you to add advanced features to your applications. Those APIs must be called in JavaScript and can be mixed each other or with other functions. From my tests, I have not detected any conflicts with multiple JavaScript frameworks. I tried to be as complete as possible to recreate all basic functions of a modern application (read and write a file, using notifications center, manipulate the window, ...). Below is the list of all available APIs in the latest version. If you have suggestions for future APIs, feel free to contact me. I will make my possible to add them to the next version. For more informations about APIs usage, consult the online help and documentation.

  • - Exit application
  • - Minimize application
  • - Maximize application
  • - Toggle fullscreen
  • - Close window
  • - Change window title
  • - Change window size
  • - Change window position
  • - Print current page
  • - Custom message dialog
  • - Copy a string to clipboard
  • - Use notification center
  • - System beep
  • - Launch an application
  • - Open URL in external default browser
  • - Read the content of file
  • - Create and write in a file
  • - Add strings to file
  • - Create a new directory
  • - Delete an item (file/folder)
  • - Move an item (file/folder) to trash
  • - Copy an item (file/folder) from-to
  • - Check if a file is accessible
  • - Execute a Terminal command
  • - Execute a Shell script
  • - Get path to the main bundle application
  • - Get path to the resources directory in bundle
  • - Get path to the current user Documents directory
  • - Get path to the current user Desktop
  • - Get user system language
  • - Play external audio file (issue)
  • - HTML5 geolocation (issue)
  • - Proceed a GET procedure (issue – jQuery replacement)
  • - Zip an item (file/folder) (future)
  • - Unzip an item (file/folder) (future)
  • - Execute open file dialog (future)
  • - Execute save file dialog (future)

  • System Requirements

  • - Available for Mac only
  • - Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer (64-bits)
  • - Optimized for Mac OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)
  • - XCode 4.5 or newer (optional, for Mac App Store submission via XCode)
  • - Application Loader 2.8 or newer (optional, for Mac App Store submission)
  • - Apple Developer Account (optional, only to deploy on Mac App Store)
  • - Internet connection for updates and license checking
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