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Monday, 20 May 2013

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist | HTML5 Media Plugin

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

HTML5 Video Gallery with a cool ‘Live playlist’ feature could be used as video gallery, video player or any kind of video showcase.

New layout includes Thumbnail Wall with optional Lightbox!


  • HTML5 video with flash fallback for older browsers
  • Supports videos hosted on Amazon S3
  • Youtube support (video id, playlist id)
  • Optional automatically generated video thumbnails and description for Youtube
  • You can use your own thumbnails and video info for youtube as well.
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Thumbnail position bottom / right / grid layout / wall layout ( new! )
  • Playlist scroll buttons or jScrollPane
  • Customizable grid playlist (number of rows, numer of columns, spacing.. etc)
  • Wall layout features ( new! )
    • Customizable wall layout into line, grid…etc (style wall thumbnails with your own css into anything you want)
    • Optional Prettyphoto attached to videos
    • Optional links attached to videos
    • Empty video click actions (run your own actions on video click)
    • Callback returns selected video number
  • ‘Live preview’ feature is optional (automatically play video on playlist item rollover).
  • Playlist supports simple image thumbnails instead
  • Optional video autoplay
  • Optional random play
  • Optional video looping
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Optional auto hide controls
  • Optional description
  • Optional auto open description
  • Optional player logo with link
  • Set video volume
  • Load new playlist on runtime with public functions
  • Real html5 fullscreen (in supported browsers)
  • Public methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media or playlist
    • Destroy media
    • Toggle playlist (grid layout)
    • Toggle description
    • Set volume
  • Callbacks
    • Component setup done
    • Playlist end
    • Item triggered (number returned), very usefull for wall layout!

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