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Thursday, 9 May 2013

TouchCarousel - jQuery Content Scroller and Slider | JavaScript Slider

TouchCarousel - jQuery Content Scroller and Slider - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

TouchCarousel is mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery content scroller with touch navigation for mobile and desktop. May be used as carousel, banner rotator and image gallery.


  • Touch navigation for supported devices.
  • Paging and free-scroll mode.
  • Physics-based scrolling.
  • Fluid width of carousel for free-scroll mode.
  • Fast, hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
  • Four unique skins with photoshop files.
  • Multiple carousels with different skins on one page is allowed.
  • SEO friendly, content is not hidden.
  • Configurable items per scroll and snapping.
  • Powerful, documented API — public methods, properties, callbacks.
  • Customizable UI — enable or disable arrows, bullets, scrollbar.
  • Super easy to style — CSS file is commented and organized.
  • Mouse-drag navigation can be removed if you don’t need it.
  • Each item can have any html content(except video) and can be any size.
  • Smart autoplay(slideshow) — pauses when you hover over and stops when some action with carousel is done (optional).
  • Simple documentation.
  • Free support and updates.
  • Optional keyboard navigation and much more…

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